An Invitation to Presence

Everyone longs for presence. The brokenness we see unfolding around us, as well as the pain we experience in our own lives, is to some degree a symptom of the soul-deep ache we all have to be seen, welcomed, and loved by others. To be human is to long for this kind of presence – for communion. Yet, forces at work in our lives pull us out of presence and communion, and into disconnection and fragmentation. We struggle to be present to ourselves, to others, and to God.

In a fragmented, harried world desperate for solutions to the ache for presence, we remember that God is saving the world by becoming present with us in Jesus Christ, making possible the healing and restoration of our humanity that comes through communion with him.

That is why our goal at Christ the King is creating regular, simple rhythms of life that help us become present to God, to one another, and to ourselves. We believe that creating space for presence is the primary way we will learn together how to embody the Gospel experience communion.

Starting in Advent, we are stepping two corporate rhythms of presence: a time of preparation and discipleship before worship service on Sunday afternoon, and geographically-oriented home groups.

Until then, we’re not just asking you to wait. We are building toward those rhythms, which will “take off” at Advent. We invite you to join us at two gatherings that will be foundational to where we’re going and how we’re growing.

First, on November 17th and 18th, we will gather for our Joining God's Mission Weekend. Think of this time less like a “how-to” seminar and more like family meeting, where we look each other in the eye and dialogue, seeking better to understand who we are and how to live out our family's calling to join God's mission, that is, how God is extending his presence into the world. We'll start with a meal at 6pm on Friday night, followed by our first session, which will wrap-up at 9pm. Then, we'll gather on Saturday morning at 8:30am (coffee and bagels provided) to continue our discussion and end by noon. [childcare will be provided for both Friday and Saturday]

Second, on Sunday, November 26th, we will celebrate the feast of Christ the King. This is like our church’s birthday. We will gather normally to celebrate the Word and Table, giving thanks for where we’ve been as well as committing to the next season, and then we’ll share a meal together immediately following the service.

If you cannot come, please pray for us. Pray that these gatherings would be signposts in our corporate journey toward becoming the kind of community that experiences and gives witness to presence in a fragmented world.